Welcome to the tropics!

Dec. 30: Two days in and fieldwork is in full swing!

Welcome to our blog! This three-week graduate course follows the traditional OTS (Organization for Tropical Studies) model of conducting fast-paced research projects in a variety of tropical ecosystems with visiting faculty from a wide range of research areas. The goal of this blog is to allow you to (virtually!) travel along with us and experience the adventures of tropical fieldwork and day-to-day life at four very different Costa Rican field stations: the high-elevation cloud forest of Monteverde, the premontane forest and amazing botanical gardens of Las Cruces, the incredibly biodiverse lowland tropical wet forest of La Selva, and finally the dry forest and wetlands of Palo Verde. We hope you enjoy the trip. ¡Pura vida!

-Carissa Ganong, Missouri Western State University (course coordinator)

At CRO (the Costa Rican OTS office) on the first day of the course
Group photo at a Monteverde overlook near the continental divide